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Serving the Tampa, Florida area, Spiro Komninos and the Komninos Law Group are qualified to represent clients in a wide array of business and real estate issues including Business & Commercial Transactions, Employment Law, Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning and Probate Administration. address here, Komninos talks about the benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer.

Unfortunately, it may be that you are going through a particularly heated divorce, you are being sued by the passengers of a vehicle you got into an accident with, or you are planning on filing for bankruptcy. No matter what situations you are in, you need to contact a lawyer for help.

As a real estate lawyer in Tampa, Florida, I know very well that there are a number of different situations in which hiring an experienced and reputable real estate attorney would be highly beneficial.

Solve Landlord/Tenant Issues

A real estate lawyer can also help prepare a lease agreement for renters of both residential and commercial properties. In addition, your attorney can also mediate and settle any issues that may arise between a landlord and his tenants.

Buy Commercial Real Estate

Whenever you are planning to buy a building or office space that will benefit your business, you should consult with a real estate attorney who can carefully review and negotiate the terms of your loan and all of the documents associated with the purchase of the property to ensure that the sale is in your best interest.

Sell Commercial Real Estate

Similarly, if you are selling commercial real estate property, you can also benefit from having an experienced lawyer who can assist you in negotiating with possible buyers to ensure that, even in this poor economy, you are still benefiting from the sale.

Complete a Short Sale

If you can no longer afford your mortgage and are currently facing foreclosure, a real estate attorney can assist you in completing a short sale, which means that your lawyer can negotiate with the lender to allow you to sell the home for a fraction of the amount that you still owe because of personal or economic hardships. Successfully completing a short sale keeps the home from succumbing to foreclosure.

Negotiate a Loan Modification

If you have recently found yourself consumed by mounting debts, then a real estate lawyer may be able to alleviate some of the stress by negotiating a loan modification with your lender. In a loan modification, the terms of your agreement are altered to lower your monthly payments to a more manageable level. This can help decrease the amount of debt you have and possibly keep you from having to file for bankruptcy. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that as of 2008, in Florida, you cannot engage the services of a person who previously worked as a mortgage broker to negotiate your loan modifications. This is a matter that can only be handled by an attorney.

Solve HOA and Condo Association Disputes

Some of the most common situations that I have dealt with as a real estate lawyer in Tampa have been related to Home Owner Associations (HOA) and Condo Association disputes. In some instances, a group of residents may hire the service of a real estate attorney if it feels that it is being mistreated or misrepresented by the appointed associations. Other times, it may be the association itself that hires a real estate lawyer to represent the organization or assist in the legal aspects of dissolution of the group as a whole.

Remember, consulting with a real estate lawyer can be an excellent first step if you have lengthy legal documents you need to have reviewed, would like assistance in negations, or are looking to resolve a complicated real estate matter before it enters litigation.

This article is for informational purposes only. You should not rely on this article as a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances, and you should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. Publication of this article and your receipt of this article does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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